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Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Homes

Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Homes

Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Homes

What is Permanent Foundations for Manufactured Homes ?? It is all about durability and strong home. The durability and strong foundation of your house is where you can make long life memories. The base of the house which is permanently fixed at one place is all about.

With the passing of the time Permanent Foundation for Manufactured Homes guide keeps on updating and has become popular.The guide for Permanent homes has made many innovations for the engineers and has established many methods also for Manufactured Homes.

Talking about the types of Manufactured Homes they are of four types:-

  1. Basement Foundation
  2. Pier and Beam Foundation
  3. Crawl Spaces
  4. Slab Foundation

Let us discuss all these types of the Manufactured Homes in detailed that will help you out in your decision making.

Basement Foundation

When a word basement come in your mind it reflects the area which is underneath, so you are right basement is which provide you with extra storing and living space and it also provide a support to your house. But it is slightly costly and time taking due to its design.These types of homes helps in area of frost.

Pier and Beam Foundation

This is the most popular type of foundation system most of the people like this type of Manufacture Homes. Here a technique used, an anchors are attached to hold the home which are driven into the ground and attached with steel kind of structure called straps, and these straps connects the anchors with the I-Beam which provide strength and stability.

This type of manufacture Home foundation is very affordable and it takes less time of installation as compare to the basement Foundation. Good for the area of frost and it also protects from the flood and it is very useful in seismic area

Crawl Space

As the name says crawl it means the only space where one can crawl only that much space. This is an area between the ground and the first floor. Crawl space is much affordable as compare to the other two those are discuss above.This can be used in any type of temperature even in frost also. Suitable in case of higher wind but not for hurricane type wind. The advantage of this type of slab is it provide space for plumbing.

Slab Foundation

It is also affordable. It is a support from top rather than from base.a slab made of concrete put on the top of the floor as ceiling of the home with the steel made structure filled with concrete. The ground is warmer in this foundation. it is affordable for middle class group and it construction timing is also less basically depends upon the management can also be used in seismic area. but not suitable where land is sort of sloping.

You can compare these permanent house foundation and determine what suits according to your need and most importantly that fits in your budget.


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